Karina + Cian | Chapel Dulcinea Austin, TX Summer Wedding

Karina and Cian come from completely different backgrounds. No, like really, she is Brazilian and he is Irish! I am not sure how they both ended up in Texas and meeting each other in the same Kick Boxing class, but they did and the rest is history. They may have different cultures, but this couple brings out the best in each other and they mesh SO well. It was really neat during their ceremony they had both sets of parents put in a bottle of a popular drink from their respective homes and then Karina and Cian put in some Texas Hill Country wine and tucked in their handwritten vows! I wanna be around when they open it up!

You may have heard the term Bridezilla, but have you heard of a Bridechilla? It’s a bride who is so chill and laid back about her wedding because she knows in the end she will marry the love of her life. Karina is DEFinitely a Bridechilla. These two were so chill that you wouldn’t really now they had a July Texas Wedding.

Phew, the heat was no joke that day, but it didn’t keep anyone from laughing when things didn’t go quite as planned. Take, for example, their adorable daughter and flower girl. She met her mommy at the aisle with tears in her eyes and Karina took time to calm her down and help her finish her walk to the front. That’s where Cian, in great dad fashion, scooped her up and held her until she wasn’t sad anymore. Which was a good portion of the ceremony, but it was too sweet to matter. Later we found out she was so upset because she thought she was going to walk with Daddy and so when he went by himself she thought he had left her.

This intimate, laid back wedding didn’t really have a theme or specific colors. The bridesmaids picked out their own dress and Karina didn’t even see them until the day of the wedding! The bridesmaids did such a great job coordinating without matching colors and it went GREAT with her bouquet. The groom’s best man wasn’t able to attend, but he had 3 guys step up and be there for him and that makes them the Best MEN in my book.

Did you know if you get married at Chapel Dulcinea you get a brick with your names and wedding date on it to line the walkway to the chapel? I think it’s such a sweet touch and HAD to snap some ring shots on Karina and Cian’s brick. After the ceremony they partied the night away with their friends and families on a Party Boat. Am I jealous I didn’t get to go? Of course! In the end though I really enjoyed my time with this wonderful couple and am so glad I got to work with them. Happy Ever After you two!

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