The Story of Amber Elaine Photography

My passion for photography started long before that! Back with disposable cameras really, but it wasn’t until my very own wedding that my love for photography would come back into my life in a very real way. I knew that I wanted most of the budget to go towards photography because the photos would last a lifetime! While searching for the photographer I would entrust to document our most important day I fell back in love with the art of photography.

Right before my first child was born I got a Christmas gift of my very first DSLR Canon camera that came with the standard lenses with it. I wanted to document her life, but quickly realized that I wasn’t getting the results I desired. I dove into online tutorials and online videos on how to use my camera.

It was 2013 when some of my friends who I had made my unpaid models were tying the knot and wanted me to be apart of their day. Not as just a guest, but as their photographer. This was IT! My very first wedding gig and I already loved the bride and groom; how lucky was I? I am still so grateful to them for helping me take a leap into professional photography and for believing in me.

My husband and I have always been each others biggest cheerleaders. When he was finally leaving college a graduate in spring of 2016 I was going back to work from maternity leave for our third child. It was getting harder with each child to leave them in a day care to go to work and we decided that since he was done with school I could finally stay at home with our babies and pursue photography as my career.

Now, because of great support I can without hesitation that I am pursuing my passion as my career. I get to meet couples just starting their lives together the way my husband and I were when this dream slowly started to grow. My dream and love for my husband have only become greater and more real with each passing year. And I love seeing how love grows in my couples from engagements to the wedding day. I am so stinkin’ lucky that this is my passion turned career!