Singing in the Car = Wedding Photography?


There may be no real connection, but I made a connection in my mind. Let me explain.

I am know for my car-singing-imitations. No, really! Ask my husband and he will vouch for me that I can go from Elton John to Brittney Spears to Axel Rose in on hour! There are some days I rock my “performances” and then there are days that…well, to put it nicely, I should’ve spent more time warming up. Today was one of those days I was NAILING every high note the radio threw at me!

  • A-ha? Nailed it!
  • Hall & Oates? Right on the money!
  • Adele? Belted it!
  • T Swift? Flawless!
  • Michael Jackson? BEAT IT! (see what I did there?)

These days give me a great sense of satisfaction; like won-a grammy level of achievement! Then I started thinking and it occurred to me I get this level of a “high” when I’m photographing a wedding! Capturing all the moments of the day is like hitting every high note from every song ever. It’s amazing! Just one more reason I love what I do!