7 years + 2 days down!

It’s been 7 years since we said our vows. I honestly don’t know where the last 3 years went; it all happened so fast! I swear we were just celebrating our 4 year anniversary; trying to decide what to do and when to do it since I didn’t want to do much so late into my pregnancy with Peter.

My mind has started to become fuzzy the longer I’m a mom, the older I get and the more I subject myself to pregnancy brain, but I can still remember the high points of that day years ago.

I remember having Chick-fil-A breakfast! Man, that was soooo good!

I remember I was so excited to walk down the aisle that my dad had to grip my arm tighter to make me slow down a bit. I didn’t even realize I was trying to bolt down the aisle! Which is another reason I remind all brides to just SLOW DOWN; it’s going by so much faster than you realize.

I remember us making silent gestures to each other after our vows, because it was right at that moment we were married! Not at the end when we shared our first kiss, but the moment we said yes to God, yes to each other and yes to the future!

I remember the Shiner beer we put in our glasses for toasts instead of Champagne! Classy, ha!

I remember I got you a beer stein as a wedding gift and you filled it all the way up and chugged it with a group of your friends while we were making “rounds” at the reception. I should’ve not been surprised that was going to have to drive us home later that night!

As the years go by and my memory goes from peach fuzz to full on Pomeranian after a hair cut fuzz (cause without the hair cut they are more fluffy than fuzzy) I can rewatch our wedding dvd and hopefully more memories will pop up. If they don’t I will at least have this blog post.

🙂 Love you babe!


PS – Love how you can see all the marks and scuffs on your ring. I joked with you when I took this photo that I would have to try to angle it just right to not show how beaten up it is, but it shows that you wear it for everything! It represents our love. How even if it’s a little dingy and not sparkly like it was in the beginning it’s something you have with you no matter what.