When to Book – Tip Tuesday/Thursday

Happy Tuesday Y’all!

I wanted to give y’all a heads up that I am adding a new series to this blog ūüôā So in addition to my newest work and what my family is doing I will be sharing with y’all my answers to the questions I get asked most often. Some of these questions I get are¬†about running a¬†business, the technical side of photography, wedding planning, or just what to wear to a photo shoot. Well, I will be spilling all the beans!

As this is the first posting of it I am going to start with a very basic and classic question I get from all sorts of clients.

Q: “When should I book my photographer?”

Wedding A: It is super important to have the ceremony and reception venue booked before hiring¬†your photographer to make sure the selected date doesn’t change at all. I would say at the latest 6 months before the wedding date, but 1 year is a good average. Depending on your photographer also, if they are in demand they may be booking way out in the future! you don’t want to miss having your first choice in photographer because you waited too long to book!

Portrait A: Engagements should be around 6 months before the wedding, Bridals should be 3 months before the wedding date, and Family sessions should be booked as soon as you know exactly what weekend is good for every member of the family!

OH! This applies to both weddings and portraits.¬†Make sure to book the guy’s haircut two weeks before the session¬†date so they¬†look fresh but¬†if it’s a little too short it’ll give it time to grow in a bit.

Every photographer is different about booking, but these are just my thoughts and a general idea of what to keep in mind when planning. Make sure to ask your fave photographer what they prefer!

Y’all send me a message via FB, Instagram, or email with your questions so I can continue to answer your questions!