Cuero, TX | St. Michael’s Rustic Wedding | Cassie + Eric

st. michael's texas rustic wedding

It all happened on bright and sunny spring day in Cuero at St. Michael’s Catholic Church. Cassie was already surrounded by her closest friends and family tucked away so Eric wouldn’t accidentally see her before the ceremony started. Typically girls get the reputation on running late to get ready, but it was actually the guys we had to wait on for this wedding. Not enough to make anything run late, but just enough to keep everyone on their toes 😉 We all had a blast once things started rolling! The whole day was just fun and laughing; especially when the DJ played the groom’s favorite song…”Bye bye bye” – N’sync. When he heard the song he hit the dance floor and wasn’t coming off until the song was finished, and his new wife and wedding party joined him. Cassie and Eric, thank you guys for including me in your special day. All the happiness to y’all for years to come. 🙂

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