Big, big, BIG news!

I have SO MANY things to tell you all! Some of this may be news to you, but if you have seen me in person lately odds are that one of these facts may not be a surprise. Without further ado, here goes all that has been going on lately; the good and the bad.

1.) Passing – Jacob’s grandmother passed away unexpectedly quite recently. He was VERY close to her; took her to daily morning mass before coming home and then going to work. He is so appreciative of having that extra time with her before her passing. Of course that meant we did get to spend time with a lot of family and even though it was a somber occasion it was nice to see everyone from out of town. She is so loved and will be missed beyond measure.

2.) New Job – Jacob got a new job that he is super excited about! It’s a great opportunity for his career and for our family. He starts VERY soon. Oh yeah did I mention it’s in Seguin, TX. So that means… you guessed it! We are moving! We don’t know exactly where yet, but it’s safe to say it’ll be in the area around Jacob’s work so he doesn’t have a terrible commute. We have a deadline for when our house lists to pack the entire house and finish up the repair jobs we started when we first bought this house 2 years ago. TIP: if you buy a fixer upper don’t start too many repairs at once or you will get bogged down and they will never happen.

3.) Homeschool – Due to all the changes that will be taking place over the summer I will be homeschooling both Abby & Peter this coming school year. Prayers please! I have always a firm naysayer on me being a homeschool teacher while Jacob thinks I would do a good job at it. I never really opened my heart to the option  but something changed this year and my eyes have opened to the possibility which makes me feel like everything has fallen into place for us to give it a shot.

4.) Doctor, Doctor! – Last, but not least we are gonna have our 4th baby at the end of October! YAY! No I don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, but at this moment that’s the last of our worries. I feel only kinda whale-like so that’s good and I can feel the baby moving around after I eat or late at night which is always a good sign to me 🙂

With all that being said I am pretty full with house and photography to-dos and so I don’t fall behind on work I will be a little absent on social media for awhile. I am still taking inquires, but I won’t be posting too much until after June 12th. So it’ll be a little vacay from me and I hope everyone will be having a great summer start in the mean time!

Thanks guys and I’ll see you soon with more updates!