4 Questions to ask your wedding photographer

I have often seen articles in bridal magazines or on wedding planning websites telling brides what questions they should ask a potential wedding photographer. I totally get that they’re meant to help, but most of them leave out truly revealing components to what wedding photographers really strive to achieve.

For example, here are a few questions that were in a recent article regarding Meeting with Your Wedding Photographer…

Can we see a sample of a full wedding gallery?

Does your business have insurance?
What happens if you can’t make it to the wedding?

These questions are important but will likely be answered with the same answer. If you’re meeting with a wedding photographer, your main objective is get to know that photographer’s personality!

You’ll be spending the majority of your wedding day together, so knowing what gear they use is important, but it’s not as important as knowing if your photographer can control a crowd, if you and your photographer have the same love of wedding day candids, and if you share a similar sense of humor.

Here is a list of questions I suggest you add to the generic lists to ensure you love the person behind the camera just as much as you love the portfolio that came from that camera:

What are you watching on Netflix?

What’s Your Favorite Memory from a recent Wedding?


What’s the Worst Thing That’s Happened to You on a Wedding Day?

How did you Choose the Wedding Photographer Life?

What song makes you dance at a wedding?

These questions will give you crazy different answers and will give you better insight into the inner workings of the one who will be documenting your day.

If you are a bride-to-be I would love to chat about what makes my personality unique and if I could the wedding photographer piece to your wedding puzzle!