Julie + Daniel

I typically smile while editing the photos for blog post, but in the case of this specific post it was a bit different. I was humming the whole time! Hall and Oats’s song “You make my dreams come true” It is so upbeat and full of fun contagious goodness, just like my couple.

Julie’s sister had entered her to win an engagement session with me at the Wedding Fair Show a couple months back in June. So when she WON and wasn’t officially engaged she told Daniel that she should pass because they weren’t engaged and she didn’t want to “waste my time”. Little did she know that Daniel had already planned on popping the question….and SOON. So Daniel said, “You know what? Just go ahead and reach out and maybe she will schedule us in later” Lucky he did, because that weekend she said YES to his question and the rest is history.

This couple is full of giggles and so much love for each other! They were so sweet with battling the hot day AND brought me my very own water bottle 🙂 Super considerate! I am so glad I got to spend some time with them and hear their story! Julie + Daniel, your marriage is gonna be so full of joy and I wish you every blessing in the future