First Home-versary

One month ago we celebrated our first anniversary of moving into our home in Seguin, TX! YAY!

Jacob and I have moved 7 times (not including the 2 times we were living somewhere temporarily) within 7 years. Moving is the worst and we should be experts by now, but we are still no good at moving. We have lost lots of random items along the way and I don’t even know HOW!

Last May-July was truly stressful and one of the most trying times in my life. Jacob had gotten his new job in Seguin and was to start the first week of June! WHAT?! That gave us less than a month to get us moved an hour and a half North.

Hold the phone! How can we pack, move, sell our current home and buy a new home within 30 days WHILE he is still working and I was a pregnant, stay at home mom/photographer. We got lucky that his best friend lives 40 minutes away and said it would be ok for him to stay with his family while we were trying to sell our home. After a month of that I needed  my husband with me. Cheesy as it seems I missed him so much, the kids missed him AND I missed his help with the kids (if I’m being totally honest).

So I packed the kids up and we moved into our friend’s house for several weeks until we realized we were too far away from Seguin still and needed to be close so I could go look at houses with Jacob during his lunch break or right after her got off work. So we headed over and moved into a motel for what we thought would be 3 weeks and ended up being closer to 5 weeks. Living with 3 kiddos while pregnant in a hotel room with one bed and a pull out couch was straining! We did get to go swimming a lot though! Luckily, we did find a house we loved and wouldn’t out grow as soon as baby #4 came along and we are still here.

Our realtors were amazing! Both April, the realtor who sold our Victoria home, and Ken, the one who helped us find our Seguin home, did an incredible job! I don’t want to move again any time soon, but when we do I hope I get to work with one of those guys again.

After we moved in and Fulton was born we started to really settle in and make memories here. It was our first Christmas and it snowed! It was so great to get photos of the house covered in snow and videos of the kids playing in the backyard. We also have celebrated all the family members birthdays here, except for Fulton, and plan on having big family holidays here hopefully! I love our neighborhood and that this small town is so close to bigger cities.

It was a rough start, but now it really is home sweet home.