Honesty Day

I made the announcement recently that my hubby was the newest member of Amber Elaine Photography. He assists all weddings with me and more depending on if I think I need him there. He is my roadie and travels with me to help lug heavy things, be eye candy for when I tell my clients “Ok now look over at Jacob!”, he makes sure I stay hydrated/fed and he makes sure my head stays screwed one. I have been trying to break him down into joining me in for photography also, but he had been a firm nay sayer. He kept saying that just wasn’t his thing. Ok, if that wasn’t his thing I wasn’t going to push him…much…..I was just happy he was gonna be there in the big days to lend a helping hand. So yesterday afternoon I stepped outside with my camera and 2 year old to practice with wiggly littles when low and behold my hubby comes out and asks if he can take a photo.

So here I am in very unflattering photos trying to teach him wear to focus and how to interact with people from behind the camera. I am sharing these on Honesty Day because I honestly look terrible and unflattering in most of these photos, but that is how you honestly learn hands on!

Here we go! First up is me directing him to direct me…and out of focus


The “Are you even listening to me?”


“No, focus on this eye!”


The “IDK WTF is happening”


I present the “What do I do with my hands?”


Ok, let’s try some with something to keep my hands occupied. BLINK!


Wow, your cheeks really hurt after smiling so much!


I am pretty sure I have added 10 more gray hairs for ever minute I spent in front of the camera…helpless. Homeschooling Abby and Peter isn’t even that stressful! He will get there, so 2018 brides be on the look out for him holding a camera at your wedding 😉