Top Reasons I Should NOT Be Your Photographer

WARNING: This may rub you the wrong way. There are so many photographers in this digital age that it can be daunting and feel like a very saturated market. But the fact of the matter is that no 2 photographers are the same. The way they act, talk, and photograph are vastly different and sets them all apart. In a world where everyone is saying “Pick me! Pick me!” I am saying, “Maybe don’t pick me.” If we have ever sat down or chit chatted about photography at all you may remember me saying something to the effect of “It’s so important to get along with your photographer on a deeper level than just liking their photos.” I will KEEP saying this until the day I retire or die. So in keeping with that train of thought I want you to know why you and I may not be the best fit.

1.) I love laughter! – It’s pure emotion and cannot be faked. I will do what I must to get some sort of laugh out of you! If you don’t want any photos of you giving a full smile then we probably won’t be a good fit.

2.) I think you are GORGEOUS just the way you are! – I will not “photoshop” you in anyway that does not show your true self. Yes, I am capable, but no, not gonna do it. If you have a blemish that pops up to ruin the day I get rid of it! Giving you a 21 day fix via altering your photographs is not what I believe in because you are so beautiful at this very moment!

3.) I have a very Documentary/Lifestyle photographic voice. – I stay in the shadows a bit or photograph from a far to get those moments when you don’t even know I’m there. I pose a bit with suggestions instead of  “Move here, here, and here. Now stay!” To capture authentic interactions one needs to observe more than be a participant.

4.) I tell stories. – Photography, whether it be a wedding or a family session, should have a plot that I can show to you with the images we take. I want to get that photo of the kiddos making that silly face they ALWAYS make or your dancing queen cousin busting a move at the reception. I don’t take pretty pictures. I take pictures of great memories that you can look back on with your loved ones and reminisce about that exact moment!

5.) I don’t believe in divorce. – All of my couples (Wedding Couples and Parent Couples) are made to stand the test of time. They love each other so profoundly that I am willing to bet that all of them stay together forever!

6.) I quote movie lines a bit too often. – I have am passionate about a good movie! My favorites are ones you will here me ,no doubt, quote at one point in time while we are together. Sometimes it fits perfectly into the situation and sometimes makes the situation (or me, more times than not ) seem less awkward. And I love using meme’s that have the quotes on them too! I have a whole album in my phone with them just waiting to be used!

If you have read through this list and agree with me on the majority then I actually SHOULD be your photographer or your friend at least! If you didn’t agree with me on most of the points then this blog post did EXACTLY what it’s supposed to do; get you to look in another direction to get you fitted with the BEST photographer for your wants and needs!

film look couple wearing maxi lace blush dress and fitted black suit