Bridget + Geoff – Engaged

cuero texas engagement photo

When Bridget first messaged me I thought it was like any other inquiry; that was until we started a conversation. It was so crazy how she and I were practically the same person! Our love of Harry Potter, soft spot for cats and preference for a bold red lip!  Ok, you aren’t here for me to talk about the things her and I love but to share with you the love Geoff has for Bridget.

I could tell how much Bridget means to Geoff as early as our consultation. Starting with the fact he actually came when he could have said he had things to do was a great start (some guys  HATE the consults). He kept showing me in love signs how deeply he felt about her. The look he had while watching her as she explained their wants and needs for their fast approaching wedding date. Love sign. She expressed how much photography meant to her and he was going to do whatever was in his power to make her dreams come true. Love sign! He showed me in that “short” Starbuck’s coffee chat that he was a hard worker and he worked hard for his loved ones. During the session he did as instructed and didn’t even fuss. Again…that’s a love sign. Bridget and Geoff y’all are so great together and I can’t wait to share with you a very special day coming soon 😉


Bridget slayed this red lip!! It pops out perfectly on these photos!


These photos are actually prompted by something Geoff wanted and I ended up LOVING them!

country chic couple red lip 2016-12-11_0111

YAAASSSS! (I’m I right?)

2016-12-11_0112 2016-12-11_0113

country chic couple red lip

Don’t these photos make you think that Geoff is like, “That’s right….this is my woman!”

2016-12-11_0114 2016-12-11_0115 2016-12-11_0116 2016-12-11_0117

Guys, again, I am so ready for your wedding! March can’t get here soon enough!