Victoria, Tx Lifestyle : Wonderland Birthday

I love, love, LOVE theme parties! When Katie approached me about this joint party for her girl’s 4th and 1st birthday I had to play it calm and cool to remain professional. On the inside I was jumping for joy and my inner child was elated. One of my very favorite things to capture is details and she assured me there would be details galore; which made my heart skip a beat! The girls, her husband and she even dressed as characters from the story. She really went all out and it was such a wonderful gathering of friends and family. 2016-01-21_00012016-01-21_0002


I mean do you see the dedication to this party! Everything was DIY!

OH! & the spread was amazing. There were sweet snacks, salty snacks, healthy bites and more indulgent nibbles. It was all so good!


How adorable are these cakes?

Carrot cake for “Birthday Alice” and red velvet for “Birthday Queen of Hearts”.

Super appropriate for each characters.



Then heading outside it was even more like a wonderland with homemade giant flowers, a tea party set up and even croquet with flamingos!


So much fun for all the guests! I’m sure it’ll be a party they won’t forget anytime soon!

Thanks again, Katie, for choosing me to record this AMAZING party!