Wife 2.0

I was having a ruff day. Bad enough for it to be ruff instead of rough. I had an argument last night with my husband. It was one of the worst ones we have had. He said something, then I said something back with edge in my voice he said something with more edge and I replied with even more edge and a mean glare. Then silence. The kind were you aren’t gonna say anything to prove how mad you are and they are doing the same thing. This lasted almost 24hrs.

He caved first. Yes! I won. “I forgive you.” Oh. Am I supposed to apologize to or something? “Um, I’m sorry too..for being..ya know…mean.” That’s heartfelt.

I later gave a better, truer apology and we are back to being in love and such. This helped me with what I am giving up for lent though. I had been struggling with it because I always give up some kind of food or beverage. 2013: fast food, 2012: soda, 2011: sweets, etc. It’s always hard but at the same time I also like that I lose some bloat and weight and that helps me try harder. This year I wanted it to be something more. Not just a ‘well that worked as a double plus for me’.  I am going to really put more effort into being a better wife. Don’t hear me wrong! I am a great wife…most the time. I am gonna be great 24/7! I will listen to, pray for, and support my husband more.

Do you plan on giving anything up?