Victoria Courthouse Elopement | Victoria, TX | Coty + Will

styled elopement victoria texas photo

I met this adorable couple at my very first Bridal Showcase. Coty came up to the table with Will in tow (as any dutiful fiance would) and looked over the photos I had on display. She told me they hadn’t picked the date yet, but they were planning in the next two weeks to make it official and would keep me in mind. She asked me questions that none of the other brides that day did and it stood out to me. Coty knew what she wanted and was looking to make it happen soon!

I am so glad they did end up coming back to book me! The T’s were crossed and the I’s were dotted. It was just time to wait until the actual day! They ordered some cupcakes from Sweet As Can Be Bakery, put on some super sharp attire, and met me to capture the moment! This couple is as sweet as the cupcakes they picked out. Love to y’all for years to come!simple texas elopement 2016-10-18_0005 2016-10-18_0006 2016-10-18_0007 2016-10-18_0008 2016-10-18_0009 2016-10-18_0010 2016-10-18_0011 2016-10-18_0012 2016-10-18_0013 2016-10-18_0014 2016-10-18_0015 2016-10-18_0016 2016-10-18_0017 2016-10-18_0018 2016-10-18_0019