Reasons why anniversary sessions are so important


I started this off with just being a Facebook post, but I realized it was getting too long and I needed to just put it all in a blog post instead.

I am SUPER passionate about marriages. The wedding day is wonderful and amazing, but it’s just the beginning. If you think about it most couples take engagement photos then portraits the day they get married and nothing more until they start a family! What?! That’s crazy!


I agree that family photos are great, but moms let’s get honest here. If your family photographer does what I do at family sessions and tries to get photos of just you and your hubby how distracted are you by concerns with the kiddos? You may find your mind wandering with thoughts like “What are they doing? Why are they fighting!? Won’t they just behave for two minutes?” It can make for less than comfortable and carefree photos of you and your man.


This is why I think it’s so important for you to find a sitter, plan a date after the session, get all dolled up and document your anniversary just like you did your engagement! Spending a whole session with just you and your boo remembering how much more you have fallen in love with them since you tied the knot. Every couple, not just parents, deserve to recognize how far they have come in their marriage! Have heard the statistics on marriage? Over half end in divorce. The average  first marriage last only 8 years. Blah, blah, blah! So even if you have only been married 4 years you are half way through the average length of a marriage and it’s that something to celebrate?


Ok this post has taken a depressing turn, whoops! I am trying to be uplifting here and optimistic!  So let’s back track here…

Instead of buying each other a gift for your anniversary why not instead INVEST in your future by booking an anniversary session. This way you have one on one time cuddling and smooching your spouse and then you will have memories you can pull out and look back one!

I am not saying do this every year, but maybe at a milestone anniversary or if your couple dynamic has changed or will change soon.  🙂

Just something to think about!


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