Parting is such sweet sorrow…

But, it’s more of a “see ya later” than a “goodbye”.

I have stated this blog post so many times. Even now I am still unsure of how to put it into words. After months of prayer, heart to hearts with Jacob, and coming to experience peace of mind, I’ve decided that it’s time to take a break from booking weddings. 2020 will be my last year serving weddings, but I will continue to serve individuals and families for portraits.

Cue the waterworks! I’m getting all nostalgic typing this out on this blog. I have vivid memories of me and Jacob living in Austin 7 years ago, trying to set up this little blog and upload pictures and understand it all. This blog was the spark to the start of my whole photography journey.

Anyway, I know this news might be surprising to you – it’s honestly still a bit surprising to me too! It’s HARD to close something that is good and profitable. It’s hard to close the doors of work that I really do love. So WHY is this happening?

In short: God has gently made it clear that this season for Amber Elaine weddings has come to an end. It has been a long road of me praying, crying, seeking, and realizing over the course of MONTHS: God wants me to keep working, but He wants me to do a different kind of work.

It’s time for me to allow Amber Elaine to cut back and slow down, so I can step into something new. I will be booking portraits only and be serving other lead wedding photographers because I honestly think I am better when I’m part of a team!

The Lord has made it clear that I have to choose between growing my photography and growing my family. As I step into this new season of motherhood of raising soon to be 5 Littles my work life or family life has been suffering. There is a chance years from now I will once again book a wedding on my own, but only time will tell.

2019 plans for AEP:

  • I am going on maternity leave very soon, but will be back this fall!!
  • I am still accepting portraits for 2019!! If you want Fall/Winter photos PLEASE reach out! I still have a few more openings for portraits this year before I am all booked!
  • What if you have a question or concern down the road regarding your wedding photos? I’ll still be here! While I won’t be booking any new weddings, I can still help you with all your album or product purchasing in the future.

You KNOW how much I love photography and love what I’ve built with you over the last several years. And even though I’ve spent a better part of the past few months crying as I’ve come to grips with letting this good work go, I’m becoming more excited for the time and space it will create in the future for my family.

YOU are the reason why I’ve had the success that I have. I don’t say that lightly AT ALL. I am so incredibly grateful for you, and for this space the past years. I have determined to make this the BEST year of wedding photography for Amber Elaine Photography I’ve ever had, and I simply wanted to let you know what was going on and invite you to celebrate with us as we end this work on a strong note.

So grateful for you! Thank you!