Honesty Day

I made the announcement recently that my hubby was the newest member of Amber Elaine Photography. He assists all weddings with me and more depending on if I think I need him there. He is my roadie and travels with me to help lug heavy things, be eye candy for when I tell my clients […]

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7 years + 2 days down!

It’s been 7 years since we said our vows. I honestly don’t know where the last 3 years went; it all happened so fast! I swear we were just celebrating our 4 year anniversary; trying to decide what to do and when to do it since I didn’t want to do much so late into […]

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Big, big, BIG news!

I have SO MANY things to tell you all! Some of this may be news to you, but if you have seen me in person lately odds are that one of these facts may not be a surprise. Without further ado, here goes all that has been going on lately; the good and the bad. […]

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Happy Birthday, Abby!

My first born, Abigail, just turned five years old and I am in total shock. She is such a great big sister and totally born to be a first child. She is a leader and bossy, yet sensitive and so dang smart! I love her so much and can barely comprehend how she has grown so much […]

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Put up or shut up!

family of five natural light self portrait photo

I have NEVER had professional family portraits done.My husband would say, “Oh you can do them right?” WRONG! I always told him that it would be too hard and that we should have someone do them…BUT, after I lost some weight.Three babies later and I am still waiting to lose weight. I always tell my […]

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Independence Day 2016

fourth of july sparkler photo

Last year I took the kids out to their Aunt Doe’s house to experience fireworks for the first time and this year we did it again! I think it’s gonna become a new tradition! In this first picture you will see 4 kiddos and the rest you will only see 3 of them. That’s because […]

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Evelyn’s Baptism

lifestyle brunch styled baptism photo

It has been almost a whole month since we baptised our 3rd child. I never had my ish together enough to actually plan past setting up the date and Godparents. I am the spitting image of the hot mess mom! This time around I wanted to make sure we had just a simple, intimate gathering […]

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