San Antonio Wedding at Sunset Station | Alexis + Eli

Alexis was the VERY first person to receive a quote from me via Thumbtack. I had never heard of Thumbtack before another bride asked me about it and sparked my curiosity. I signed up, but was very weary of how it worked. When I saw a request for a San Antonio bride looking for a wedding photographer I poured over all the details (I wanted to make sure we would be a good fit). I took a big gulp and hit send!

Alexis replied and we had a bit of back and forth. I could tell from our exchange that we were on the same page and I REALLY wanted to photograph her wedding! We decided to meet in person to sign contracts and that’s when I met her and the groom’s mother for the first time.

If it had been a first date then there would’ve been a definite second date 😉

I never met Eli, the groom, until the day of the wedding, but Alexis and his mother filled me in on his personality and I could tell they are one fun couple. The whole day was one BIG party! I mean they had 2 receptions…c’mon, if that doesn’t say they like to party I don’t know what does!

san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-1 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-3 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-4 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-6 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-8 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-9 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-11 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-13 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-16 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-18 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-20 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-22 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-27 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-29 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-31 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-32 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-34

Cue the first reception exit!

san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-38 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-40 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-41 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-42 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-43 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-45 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-47 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-49 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-52 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-54 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-55 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-57 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-59

Both parent dances were filled with emotion! First there was smiling, then crying, then laughing!

Emotional rollercoaster that I was so happy to be there for in the front seat!

san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-60 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-62 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-64 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-65 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-68

Alexis + Eli, y’all are such a beautiful, open couple!

san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-71 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-72 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-73 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-78 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-79 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-83

All their family and friends (who are practically family) really know how to celebrate!

san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-86 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-88 san-antonio-sunset-station-wedding-92

Many MANY years of happiness to you guys!