Victoria, Tx Engagement – Hilary + Edgar

golden hour natural light country engagement portraits

Right off the bat Hilary giving me the steamy looks! This couple started dating the same year me and my husband started dating and I actually met Hilary through him.

I am beyond excited to be her wedding photographer.

2016-05-31_0016 2016-05-31_0017

This couple is down-to-earth, rustic farm vibe kinda people. They live in the country and have so many pets!

Dogs, a horse, chickens,  cows, a turkey! I mean the list could go on!


Edgar was so serious on this shoot that I had to pull out my A-game with the jokes to get him to crack a smile.

I finally got a few good ones out of him, but the photo below is actually HIM making all of us crack up!

2016-05-31_0004 2016-05-31_0005 2016-05-31_0006 2016-05-31_0009 2016-05-31_0007 2016-05-31_0002 2016-05-31_0008

I love the above photo of Edgar. The horse was like “Pay attention to me, not her!” and nudged Edgar. It was a super sweet moment. The photo on the bottom with Hilary is just so touching I just can’t help but “Aww”.

2016-05-31_0010 2016-05-02_0003 2016-05-31_0012 2016-05-31_0013

Hilary’s makeup and hair are on point! She had her makeup done by Makeup By Miranda E. Blakeman and her hair color is done by Christina & Co.

2016-05-31_0011 2016-05-31_0014 2016-05-31_0015

Hilary just keep giving me that look when you are in front of my camera again later this year!