Victoria, TX Engagement – Trish + John

natural light garden engagement portraits


This couple is so much fun to just be around! John can make a joke in any situation. It was hard to focus on some serious smoldering photos with him goofing around with me and Trish, but as you can see in the photo below she still pulls off that come hither look even with his jokes.

2016-05-26_0008 2016-05-26_0002

They really balance each other out so well. I have never seen a couple that could bounce between belly laughs and blue steel so easily!

2016-05-26_0004 2016-05-26_0003 2016-05-26_0006

Trish, you are so beautiful and really know how to give back to the camera.


Also, can we all talk about this engagement ring!


2016-05-26_0007 2016-05-26_0001

Thank y’all so much for choosing me! I  can NOT wait until the wedding.