Victoria, Tx Portraits : Brandy + Reagan


I had such a blast with Brandy and Reagan! They are so sweet and patient.

When I shot this I was 8 months pregnant and my body and brain were functioning a little slower than usual.

(I forgot the word for BENCH… I mean come on!)

2016-03-25_0024  2016-03-25_0026 2016-03-25_0027

The light made these photos so warm and hazy I was drooling while editing them!

These two were such gigglers during the session…..Brandy more than Reagan 🙂

2016-03-25_0028 2016-03-25_0029 2016-03-25_0030 2016-03-25_0031 2016-03-25_0032

These colors! Ugh! So pretty! It was technically a winter shoot even though it looks and felt like fall.

It was perfect either way!

2016-03-25_0033 2016-03-25_0034 2016-03-25_0035