Victoria, TX Engagement : Andrea + Andrew


They met almost 5 years ago through a mutual friend and a little help from Myspace (yes it was still the cool social media then; don’t hate!)


A year after that she caught the bouquet at my wedding! So i don’t know exactly if that means she was supposed to be the next of that group of girls to get married or if it just means she will be getting married soon, but either way it was bound to happen.


Andrea is one of the coolest girls a guy could ever ask to catch! She plays laser tag, video games and has a need for speed!



They look like rockstars in black in white with their cars in the background.




Andrew you are so lucky to be with Andrea. She is equally as lucky to have found you. You guys compliment each other so nicely and naturally. I am so lucky to be the one capturing y’all on this special day.


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